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Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) 

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO - Wirtschaftskammer Österreich) coordinates and represents the interests of the Austrian business community on a national and international level. Within the system of the Austrian Economic Chambers, it functions as the national umbrella organization for the 9 regional Chambers and 110 trade associations for different industries. Regional Chambers and associations have local offices to provide services in close proximity to members.

Membership is compulsory and includes all Austrian companies in operation. The resultant membership, some 440,000 businesses – the great majority of them SMEs – draws from a diverse selection of business areas such as trade and craft, commerce, industry, transportation, tourism, services industries, finance and insurance. Although established by public law, the Chambers are exclusively business driven. This factor, combined with organisational management through democratic self-government, makes them fully independent from public authorities.

Main tasks and activities:

  • Representation of membership interests
  • Information and advisory service to members
  • Collective bargaining with unions
  • Economic promotion and development as well as training (a wide range of trainings for entrepreneurs and employees is offered via the training institute “Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut” (Institute for the development of business).


























Dr. Stefan Schwarzer

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber  
Wiedner Hauptstraße 63
1045 Vienna


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