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Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA)

The Cyprus Energy Agency is a non-governmental non-profit organization established in 2009 with co-financing from the European Commission through the "Intelligent Energy Europe" programme and the Cyprus Union of Communities.

The educational activities of CEA have been classified among the 20 best in Europe based on the evaluation made for the "Local Energy Action Awards 2011" (More information:

Particular emphasis is given to education of pupils and students. Through enjoyable activities and presentations, competitions, distribution of printed material, experiments and demonstration, students learn how to save energy through simple activities, become familiar with renewable energy sources and how to protect the environment. Until today the Cyprus Energy Agency has visited more than 150 schools of all educational levels, more than 18,115 students and 1,570 teachers were educated. In 2012, the "energy box" containing useful materials for teachers and students will be distributed to all elementary schools in Cyprus, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture. The CEA is also the National Contact Point for the U4Energy Initiative.

But also more than 1,000 people from other target groups have been trained by the Cyprus Energy Agency in seminars on topics such as: RES utilization in Buildings, Energy Performance of Buildings, Energy Performance of Existing Buildings, Training on energy issues of unemployed engineers, Liquid and Solid Biofuels, Local Action for tackling climate change.

Moreover, presentations on eco driving, eco friendly cars, and energy saving in offices were provided to the staff of local authorities, and presentations on energy saving techniques in households and RES utilisation in residential buildings are directed to the general public.

It is also important to note that the CEA has been appointed by the Organizations of Local Authorities in Cyprus as the executive agency for the promotion of the "Covenant of Mayors (CoM)" in Cyprus. The CEA develops and monitors the implementation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans of local authorities involved in the CoM ( or the "Pact of Islands” (

























Orestis Kyriakou

Cyprus Energy Agency
Lefkonos Str 10-12
1011 Lefkosia

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