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Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG)

The Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG) is a national, independent organization for supporting the business sector. It associates about 140 regional or industrial chambers of commerce with more than 100,000 member enterprises from the whole territory of Poland. Through its chambers network KIG is capable to address a large number of Polish SMEs.

Among other activities the Chamber counsels on most important topics related to company management and organizes conferences and training sessions on current economic subjects. Our trainings and conferences encourage to implement the highest standards of business ethics. Entrepreneurs which are the most meritorious in the social field get awards in the “Fair Play Enterprise” programme.

KIG initiated several joint projects strengthening the chamber network and building its capacities for supporting enterprises, especially SMEs, in dealing with important challenges. The realized common projects in different areas of intervention included extended training components.

KIG successfully implemented the project “Chambers Promoting Intelligent Energy for SMEs – CHANGE” (IEE 2008-2010) in Poland, which aimed at creating “Intelligent energy contact points” (advisors) in 61 Chambers of Commerce and Industry from 12 European countries and helping SMEs to optimize their energy use. In Poland Chamber staff of about dozen chambers and 1,055 company employees were trained and 36 press articles published on energy efficiency matters. As a result of the ongoing project ”KIGNET INNOVATIONS – chamber system of support for enterprise innovation”, co-financed by the EU and under leadership of KIG, 3 or 4 of the regional CCIs started to offer energy services to local SMEs. The gained experience can be put to use in the EUREMplus project. 

Based on well established co-operation or contacts with national industrial associations, regional innovation centres and economic policy makers, including bodies active in the field of energy-efficiency, KIG can address effectively also the other target groups, beyond SMEs, in the EUREMplus project.























Katarzyna Grzejszczyk

Polish Chamber of Commerce 
Trębacka 4
00-074 Warsaw

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